INCOTERMS (INternational COmmercial TERMS)


QeOPS incoterms

INCOTERMS have been created to avoid misunderstandings and confusion between companies and represent international trade terms what defines and states the framework in which the buyer and seller perform their role in the transport of goods, ownership of goods and goods insurance. The first set of INCOTERMS rules was published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in 1936, followed … Read More

Why outsource e-fulfillment services?

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Although the eCommerce market in Romania is steadily increasing year over year, the outsourcing of e-fulfillment services is still at a very low level, at most 2-3% of the total eCommerce market. Among the main reasons would be the fear of online stores to keep their stocks in warehouses outside the company, unfamiliarity or misunderstanding of e-fulfillment services and the … Read More

GPeC 2017 – Stage On Fire 'Logistics and Transportation: key elements for e-commerce success'


This year we had the pleasure to attend for the first time the biggest event of e-commerce in Romania, the GPeC Summit. In a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, Paul Copil, CEO and Co-Founder of QeOPS, spoke to over 700 attendees about the numerous advantages that online shops can benefit from using the services of a company specialized in e-fulfillment. “Our … Read More

QeOPS attends the biggest e-commerce event in Romania, GPeC Summit 2017


Do not miss the e-commerce event of the year! We expect you Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, from 15:00 to participate in the panel entitled “Logistics and Transportation: key elements for online shops success”. Among the topics to be discussed by Paul Copil, Founder and CEO QeOPS, along with other representatives of specialized companies: Also, for three … Read More