Why outsource e-fulfillment services?

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Although the eCommerce market in Romania is steadily increasing year over year, the outsourcing of e-fulfillment services is still at a very low level, at most 2-3% of the total eCommerce market. Among the main reasons would be the fear of online stores to keep their stocks in warehouses outside the company, unfamiliarity or misunderstanding of e-fulfillment services and the outsourcing benefits.

What is e-fulfillment? E-fulfillment is the process of receiving, processing and delivering orders received from the end user through the internet. In other words, e-fulfillment means the amount of logistical processes through which a product ordered in an online store is packed and handed over to the courier delivery on its way to the consumer.

We believe that once the process through which the products reach the final customer and the automated solutions we employ are understood, the managers of the online shops will learn the real advantages and will no longer doubt the outsourcing of the logistics services.Paul COPIL, Co-Founder of QeOPS.

Whether you choose to outsource or not the e-fulfillment process, the first step in order for the products to reach the final consumer is the receipt of the goods. Our IT system allows you to store information about all products that can be marketed in an online store. When goods arrive in our warehouse, each product is registered in the system based on the bar code printed on the packaging. If this code does not exist or is damaged, a QeOPS operator handles the corresponding labeling of the product with a new bar code.

Once the merchandise has been properly received and stored, our IT system records every incoming order by integrating with your online store, no matter what platform you are using – Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop or marketplace.

Once the merchandise has been properly received and stored, our IT system records every incoming order by integrating with your online store, no matter what platform you use – Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop or marketplace.

If necessary, through a call center service, QeOPS can confirm the received orders with the customer. This reduces the mistakes that may occur when placing orders by the customer, minimizing returns.

Once this order is confirmed, it reaches the QeOPS system (WMS) where it is processed and packaged. Choosing the right packaging is extremely important for products to be delivered safely to the customer. Appropriate packaging should be lightweight and compact, maximizing the value and attractiveness of the products ordered, and at the same time, reducing transport costs.

Our warehouse uses all types and sizes of packaging, making it easy to find the right solution regardless of the order you received.

And because we understand how important communication is with the customer, we have the opportunity to customize packages with special wrapping, stickers, personalized sealing tape, marketing inserts or samples; plus, we also provide a wide range of product protection solutions according to the specificity of the delivered product:

  • bubbles,
  • airbags,
  • cardboard protections, etc.


Of course you are wondering who deals with all the documents that need to reach the client. Whether it’s manuals, warranty certificates, invoices or shipping documents, we take care that all these documents will be sent together with the products.

In addition to generating and introducing documentation into customer packages, in order to prevent possible returns, QeOPS offers online stores the possibility of additional testing before the products delivery.

Logistics services are an extremely important part of online businesses, and the implementation of efficient processes requires time, knowledge and significant experience. The majority of small online stores can not afford to invest in a modern warehouse and in a professional logistics department. Even so, it is quite difficult to sustain such a business when sales have seasonal fluctuations.

Outsourcing the e-fulfillment process allows you to benefit from the expertise of professionals in the field, to receive and to further offer premium services, optimize and reduce the costs of storing, packaging and delivering products to the end customer. Moreover, once you get rid of this concern, you can concentrate your efforts to develop your core business – selling products.

If we were able to get your attention, then we invite you to visit our warehouse to see for yourself.

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