GPeC 2017 – Stage On Fire 'Logistics and Transportation: key elements for e-commerce success'


This year we had the pleasure to attend for the first time the biggest event of e-commerce in Romania, the GPeC Summit.

In a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, Paul Copil, CEO and Co-Founder of QeOPS, spoke to over 700 attendees about the numerous advantages that online shops can benefit from using the services of a company specialized in e-fulfillment.

“Our experience in ecommerce and logistics is the foundation upon which we build relationships with our clients by providing them with complete, complex and foremost quality solutions. We are flexible and open to communication so that our solutions meet the demands and problems faced by our partners.” Paul Copil

Being our first participation at such an event #GPeCSUMMIT, we tried to come up with a creative and spectacular stand that would easily transmit our values and business objectives. We are proud of the end result and the feedback from organizers was more than positive.

Thank you for visiting our stand and we hope to see you full of enthusiasm at upcoming events!

“There is still some concern in leaving the stock in the hands of someone else, but it’s all about communication, a partnership based on trust.

As we did with Fashion Days, now also we constantly invest. Customer requirements are the basis for choosing one company or another.”

Paul Copil, CEO QeOPS

For those who were unable to attend this event, on our facebook page you can find photos of the panel discussion and of our stand.